Writing advice

Here I will provide links to any posts that might be useful to people who write or edit for a living, especially in the area of corporate communications. If you are a creative writer you might want to look elsewhere, although I hope some of my musings will be helpful or thought-provoking. I will also include links to useful comment and advice from other people.

10 things to avoid when writing for a policy audience

1. Obscurity

2. Complexity

3. Abstract language

4. Passive language

5. Devalued words

External links

“Bankspeak” (or, Orwellian development)

This is a blog by Chris Blattman that expresses much more intelligently and effectively some of the things I have been trying say in my 10 things to avoid series. I can only echo his plea for “people to write in simple plain prose, free of jargon”.

The Art of Academic writing

I include this blog by Dr Christine Cheng of Kings College London because it is a clear and concise introduction to academic writing, and also an excellent piece of writing in its own right.



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